We Three Beeks

Words and photos about our new found life as beekeepers. We Three Beeks are: Stephanie Masters, Cary Norton, and Jillian Woodruff (alphabetically).

Little update here…The girls are doing outstandingly well, especially considering how many swarms we’ve had. All the swarm hives are doing either well or REALLY well, and the mother hives they came from are kicking ass. 

Here’s some updates related to the photos in this post.

There’s one hive that’s really tall AND on a hill, and it dwarfs Jill. That hive (Francine) alone should give is 3 supers of honey.

Lots of honey hanging out in the hives. We’re planning an extraction this weekend and I’m sort of expecting a lot of honey. Certainly more than last year’s harvests combined. We’ll see…

And that last photo is from the tiniest swarm ever. Assuming it came from our hives, thats number 10 from our girls this year (and either way it’s the 10th we’ve seen and dealt with in some manner). It fit inside a small plastic cup and we ended up giving it to our friend and fellow beekeeper Jared Fulton who happened to have a queenless hive. 

(See captions for a small amount of additional info)


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