We Three Beeks

Words and photos about our new found life as beekeepers. We Three Beeks are: Stephanie Masters, Cary Norton, and Jillian Woodruff (alphabetically).

Quick update: 

We did some serious work today (because our ladies are doing serious work still).

Our established hives are looking good and we’re planning to take off honey for the first time this year next weekend and we rearranged the supers to encourage them keep building out the new frames we put on a couple of weeks ago as well hopefully make it bit easier to get to the honey. Of course, they could just move all the honey stores and our plan may be awful. We’ll see!

But the bulk of our day was spent after our Sunday morning visit. We knew the nucs were going to need space soon the time had come to give them their extra chunk of brood box. Yeah, but we hadn’t built that junk yet.

The rest of our day was spend building the mediums and frames for each nuc, painting the box, and putting the foundation in the frames.

When we went to add those to the nucs we also changed out the oil in our IPM bottom board. 

All seems in order, which terrifies me. 

(First photo by Winslow Taft / thewinslowgardens)

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