We Three Beeks

Words and photos about our new found life as beekeepers. We Three Beeks are: Stephanie Masters, Cary Norton, and Jillian Woodruff (alphabetically).

I’ve got a lot of bee-related thoughts bouncing around in my head but can’t quite find the time to get them out.

Brief update:

we cleaned up the yard at the Lower’s a good bit this weekend. Looks WAY better. 

we say a few bees with red heads and red pollen pants and Jill found out that it is mostly likely the weed henbit. 

we also took our new puppy, Fin, to meet the Lower’s dog, Penny. 

we’re working on finding time to move my granddad’s bees down here and we also plan on buying a couple of more hives, which will put us at 4. excited about that for sure!

we’re planning to get a couple of nucs from the same guy as last year, but figured out that his house and Jill’s house are too close to each other so we have to change that plan. Either put granddad’s bees at her house and the new ones at the Lower’s or everything at the lowers, or the new ones on my friends roof or some other place we haven’t found yet.

lots more junk in my head, but the short version is we’re excited to have bee babies again. 


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