We Three Beeks

Words and photos about our new found life as beekeepers. We Three Beeks are: Stephanie Masters, Cary Norton, and Jillian Woodruff (alphabetically).

We bottled today! We didn’t have a ton of honey so the process didn’t take too long.

We washed the tiny bears last night and let them dry over night. 

Our bottling situation was slightly less than professional, in that our bucket (filled to a wimpy 1/5th of its capacity) sat atop the microwave and right below the spice rack. 

We took turns filling the tiny bears (note Stephanie’s three-inches technique) until we’d filled them all, only to find out we still had a good couple of pounds. Bonus!

We ended up with a grand total of 40 tiny bears (2 oz), one normal sized bear, and one One Pound jar (technically there’s still probably 4-6 ounces in the bucket but we have nowhere to put it). 

We compared our Pound jar with one of my granddad’s final Pound jars only to see ours was way darker (but they are both really tasty).

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